Our Stories

Despite the learning curve that comes with growing, GardeniX enables precise nutrient delivery, with one client saving 75% of wastewater.

With the Autogrow MultiGrow, Casey from Nuovoland Farms saves thousands of hours and achieves crop consistency in their multi-crop greenhouse. 

Black ginger requires specific conditions to grow. This compact operation relies on the Autogrow MultiGrow to regulate temperature, light, and humidity.

Bluelab and CropKing partner to provide automation equipment for greenhouse builds, hydroponic systems, and more. Service, quality, and competitive pricing are paramount.

Schulyer Greens relies on the Autogrow MultiGrow to mitigate the risk of crop loss. Remote monitoring ensures that pH and  conductivity are always in-range. 

The Autogrow IntelliDose and IntelliLink software enable stable pH and Conductivity levels. Using an NFT system, VeggiWell use 90% less water, and achieve 4 X their usual yield.

Maungatapere Berries are creating a business for future generations. Here's how automation helps to reduce labour costs and make the transition to hydroponics faster. 

Pocket Herbs grow Microgreens for major supermarkets in Australia. They guarnatee their customers high-quality produce, year round, and supply over 300 stores with fresh produce.