Maungatapere Berries

Maungatapere Berries is a successful grower in Northland, New Zealand using sustainable growing methods, recycled packaging and labor optimization processes to create a business that is set for future generations.

“This year [2018] we’ve doubled the size of our cropping area on hydroponics, and we’re going to do the same again.” — Patrick Malley - Co-founder


In operation since: 2015 (berries) 2011 (avocados & kiwifruit)

Location: Northland. New Zealand

Production size: 30 hectares

Production method: Hydroponics in substrate

Automation: MultiGrow

Crops: Berries, avocados and kiwifruit

Customer base: Supermarkets, wholesale markets


In the Northland area of New Zealand is a family who is dedicated to producing fresh produce that aligns with their values, is good to the environment and supports their local community.

The Malley family are what we would consider champions of industry. For them growing is more than just a job. It’s a passion.

Co-founder Patrick Malley believes technology is a defining too between good growers and great ones, and keeping an eye on future technology will set the business up for success for the next generations.

Check out his videos below where Patrick shares insights into life as a grower and the use of technology.

CLICK HERE to read the workbook where Patrick shares insight around their labor management.