Veggiwell grows a range of lettuces in NFT systems, using the IntelliDose for accurate measurements, easy dosing and stable EC and pH levels. They are a great example of how growing in a controlled environment uses 90% less water, reduces contamination, and increases their yield by 4 times.

“I am a hydroponic grower at the Veggiwell company. 6 months ago, I started using Autogrow’s IntelliDose dosers and they have simplified my work, now I have, thanks to IntelliLink, historical data on the pH and EC behavior of my tanks and access to measurements in real time from anywhere with an internet connection. The measurements are accurate and the way to use it is simple. Plus, the dosages are easy to set, and my electrical conductivity and pH have never been so stable. I recommend anyone with an NFT system to use Autogrow dosers and IntelliLink whether at an industrial level or at a beginner level.” — Diego Arenales, Production Manager 


In operation since: 2013, with the first sowing in 2019

Location: Guatemala

Customer base:  Restaurants and now available in selected stores

Automation: Autogrow IntelliDose and IntelliLink

Crops: Five varieties of lettuce