Bluelab offers a comprehensive range of pH meters, pH testers, pH controllers and calibration solutions for any growing medium, from soil to solution. 

Why measure pH?

The science behind a thriving plant

All plants need a balanced diet of nutrients (food) so that they can reach their full potential. The pH (potential Hydrogen) of your nutrient solution plays a pivotal role in making these elements available to your plants. That’s why you need to regularly measure pH; if your medium is too alkaline or too acidic, your plant won’t be able to access all the nutrients they need.  

Whether you’re looking for the best pH meter for hydroponics or need to test soil pH, we have a pH meter that will help you accurately measure your pH. Our products include handheld pH pens, automated pH controllers and wall-mounted monitors. 

Handheld pH meters and pens

Grow healthier plants with Bluelab

Portable, affordable and robust, our range of reliable Bluelab pH pens will give you quick and accurate pH and temperature measurements on the go. Whether you need a soil pH tester or a pH meter for your hydroponic solution, our handheld pH pens will help you master the fundamental parameters for growing healthier plants. 

In fact, our long-lasting and versatile pH meters will help take your growing to the next level. By using a Bluelab digital pH meter to regularly check whether the pH of your nutrient solution or growing medium (or substrate) is in the correct range, you’ll be giving your plants the chance to truly flourish.  

Calibrating for pH

How to calibrate a pH meter

Calibrating Bluelab’s pH meters couldn’t be easier. The easy-to-follow calibration process will ensure that your pH measurements remain accurate; if you’re using your pH meter every day, it will need to be calibrated more regularly.  

Our calibration process consists of two steps. After you clean your pH probe with our pH care kit, you’ll calibrate your meter with pH calibration solution, at two reference standards - 4.0 and 7.0 pH. Once calibrated, you can start measuring pH again immediately. You’ll need to recalibrate whenever you clean your pH probe and when your meter alerts you that a calibration is needed. 

Why automate pH control?

Save time with pH automation

While many pH meters require you to manually test your pH and adjust these levels yourself, pH automation will do this automatically on your behalf. Our pH controllers will not only monitor your reservoir but also adjust pH levels when measurements fall outside of your optimal pH target range.  

Automating your pH will not only save time and effort, but you’ll also create a stable environment in which your plants can thrive. What’s more, you can monitor your pH levels anytime and anywhere. When using Bluelab’s Connect range, you can conveniently check on your system pH levels on your mobile device and adjust settings via your computer. 

Wall-mounted monitors and pH controllers

24-hour pH monitoring

For crops that need monitoring 24/7, our wall-mounted monitors and pH controllers will measure your key parameters, including pH, and alert you when these measurements move out of their optimal range.  

Bluelab’s wall-mounted monitors offer comprehensive and user-friendly features, allowing you to have complete peace of mind. In addition, our Connect range of monitors will allow you to access your pH data remotely. Always on, always monitoring, always available.   

Our robust, hardworking pH controllers will also monitor the pH levels of your nutrient reservoir and automatically adjust the pH when it moves out of range. If you need to measure more than pH, we offer multi-parameter controllers too. 

pH care and accessories

A one-stop shop for pH care products

Whether you’re looking for replacement pH probes, pH probe care kits, pH calibration solutions or other accessories, we have the product that you’re looking for. All our pH care products include clear instructions, so you can take care of pH meter maintenance with ease.  

To improve the ongoing accuracy of your pH meter, we’d recommend that you clean and calibrate your pH probe regularly. We offer pH buffer solutions, as well as pH probe storage solutions, allowing you to maintain your pH probe easily.  

You can also expand your toolkit with our pH accessories and replacement parts, including replacement pH probes, storage caps and carry cases.  

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