Bluelab Pro Controller Wi-Fi

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24/7 control of your reservoir pH, conductivity, and temperature anywhere, anytime from your phone

  • Built-in Wi-Fi (with option to disable)
  • Monitor and automate nutrient and pH dosing in reservoirs when paired with Bluelab PeriPod dosers
  • View and control on your mobile phone, visit for more information
  • Replaceable probes for pH (BNC connection), Temperature and Conductivity measurements
  • Safety lockouts prevent excessive dosing
  • Auto-resume dosing after power loss
  • Multi-part nutrient dosing possible with multiple PeriPods
  • Controls pH in the up (alkali) or down (acid) direction
  • Visual high and low alarms to alert you when parameters are out of range
  • Dosing routine allows for effective mixing before next dose
  • 2 m (6-ft) cable lengths for best positioning and viewing

Control your key parameters 24/7 

Full pH and nutrient dosing

The Bluelab Pro Controller Wi-Fi will maintain perfect and stable pH and nutrient levels in your reservoir, ensuring optimal nutrient availability for your plants at all times. Set your required targets for pH and conductivity and allow the controller to do the rest.

Since there’s no need for any spot checks or manual adjustments, the Bluelab Pro Controller Wi-Fi saves you time and labor so that you can focus on growing healthier plants every single time.

When you pair your controller with high-precision Bluelab PeriPod dosers, you’ll have a complete nutrient dosing system. You can also connect other mains-powered pumps by using the Bluelab PowerPod.

Simplified precision 

Fine-tune your reservoir pH and nutrients

The Bluelab Pro Controller Wi-Fi takes the complexity out of reservoir management, making precision easier than ever before.

With built-in Wi-Fi capability, if enabled, the Bluelab Pro Controller Wi-Fi can connect to Edenic (an online software platform; visit for more information), allowing growers to control nutrient levels from anywhere, any time.

The Bluelab Pro Controller Wi-Fi is easy to use and programme, allowing you to choose the settings that work best for your growing setup; you can also adjust settings via the Edenic software app. For pH, you can choose to adjust for either pH up (alkali) or pH down (acid). Highly accurate Bluelab PeriPods will allow you to manage parameter increments down to 0.1 pH and 0.1 EC.

Stay connected to your plants 

Monitoring and control from your phone

Grow your best crops every time with Edenic and the power of Bluelab Pro Controller Wi-Fi. Realtime monitoring, control, alerts, and insights right on your phone allow you to truly manage your growing environment from where you like when you like.

Download the Edenic software app from your app store. Visit for more information.

Built-in lockout features

Plant-safe parameter management

The hard-working Bluelab Pro Controller Wi-Fi has numerous safety features designed to reduce the risk of overdosing or system malfunction.

You can set discreet visual high and low alarms for your preferred ranges for pH, conductivity, and temperature; to help keep your plants safe from excessive doses, dosing will not occur whenever your controller is in alarm mode.

The automated dosing process allows for effective mixing before the next dose, ensuring you never overshoot your pH or nutrient adjustments. Your controller will also automatically stop dosing whenever it senses suspect conditions.

Let your plants thrive

Stabilise your reservoir conditions

Your pH and nutrient levels are constantly changing in recirculating and recycled reservoirs. That’s why it’s important to replenish consumed nutrients to maintain an optimal macro- and micro-nutrient balance.

And that’s where the Bluelab Pro Controller Wi-Fi can help – it will automatically track and adjust these levels in your reservoir. After all, when you keep pH, EC, and temperature steady, you’ll grow healthier plants, improving yield and quality.

In addition, this controller comes with a temperature probe. If connected to a Bluelab PowerPod, the Bluelab Pro Controller Wi-Fi can turn on heaters or coolers to help avoid temperature spikes in your environment.

Bluelab Pro Controller Wi-Fi maintenance

Made in New Zealand with growers in mind

While no calibration is required for conductivity and temperature, you will need to calibrate your controller’s pH probe regularly. Stock up on everything you need to clean, maintain, and calibrate your probes by purchasing a Bluelab Probe Care Kit.

Made in New Zealand with growers in mind

All our products are built in New Zealand with growers, for growers – this means you can be confident that your Bluelab Pro Controller Wi-Fi has been specifically designed for the growing environment.

Bluelab Pro Controller Wi-Fi accessories

Team up with the Bluelab Peripods

When connected to a Bluelab PeriPod doser, the Bluelab Pro Controller Wi-Fi manages and maintains pH and conductivity levels in reservoirs. As plants feed, pH and nutrients are automatically adjusted to the desired range. Use peristaltic pumps for accurate and consistent dosing of nutrients and pH into reservoirs. Bluelab Peripods are available in M3, M4, and Large L3.

The Bluelab Sample Tube  is a perfect tool for mounting probes into a sample line from your reservoir. Remove your probes from the reservoir and ensure the most accurate readings with the Bluelab Sample Tube. 

The Bluelab Alarm Box provides flexible options to get the most out of your Bluelab Pro Controller Wi-Fi in your complete irrigation system.

The Bluelab PowerPod is an electronic mains-switching device designed to activate mains-powered equipment. This can be used to control any mains-powered pumps or temperature control units. 

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Product Tagline Set and automatically maintain pH levels in reservoirs. Optimize nutrient uptake, all the time.
Technical Specification

Automatic Temperature Compensation: Yes, if conductivity probe is in same solution as pH probe
Operating Environment: 0 - 50°C / 32 - 122°F, splash proof
Measurement Resolution: pH : 0.1 pH. Conductivity: 0.1 EC, 1 CF, 10 TDS, 10 ppm. Temperature: 1°C, 1°F
Measurement Range: Control Range: pH : 0.1 - 13.9 pH. Conductivity: 0.1 - 4.9 EC, 1 - 49 CF, 50 - 2450 ppm 500(TDS), 70 - 3430 ppm 700. Temperature: 1 - 49 °C, 34 - 120 °F
Measurement Accuracy: pH : ±0.1 pH. Conductivity: ±0.1 EC, ±1 CF, ±50 TDS, ±70 ppm. Temperature: ±1°C, ±2°F
Calibration: Calibration of Conductivity and pH using calibration mode. Two or three point, pH 7.0 & pH 4.0 and/or pH 10.0 calibration
Power: International power supply. Replacement Power Supply can be purchased separately.
CE Compliance: Yes
FCC Compliance: Yes
RoHS Compliance: Yes 
Other specifications: Alarms & Lockouts Alarm: visual, settings retained if power failure occurs. Settable high and low alarm lockout values.
Dosing: On-time dosing: settable from 1 to 10 minutes in one-second steps. Off-time dosing: settable from 0 to 59 minutes and 50 seconds in 10 second steps. 
Signal Range Indoor / Urban: 66 feet / 20 meters
Outdoor: 164 feet / 50 meters
Radio Signals Wi-Fi: 2.4 GHz (802.11 b/g/n)
Bluetooth: 5 (Low Energy) 
System Requirements Android (8.0 or later) or iOS (12 or later) Mobile phone for Edenic Software. Internet connection for remote access & data-logging. 
Warranty: 2-YEARS
Country of Origin: New Zealand

More Product Information

BCTPRC02 User Manual - English