Bluelaboffers a comprehensive range of conductivity meters, EC controllers and care kits to help you manage your nutrients and grow healthier plants. 

Why measure conductivity?

The science behind healthier plants 

All plants need the right amount of food (nutrients) in order to grow. If you over- or under-feed your plants, this can result in the waste of expensive nutrient resources and crop health issues.  

Conductivity is an essential measurement that indicates the total amount of nutrients available to your plants. It refers to ionic content (dissolved salts), which creates a potential for electricity to move through a solution.  

Bluelab provides conductivity meters, controllers and monitors that will help you measure conductivity in your nutrient solution. What’s more, our meters feature customisable measurement scales, so you can choose to measure in EC, CF, PPM 500 (TDS) or PPM 700.

Handheld EC meters and pens

Grow healthier plants with Bluelab 

Whether you’re a first-time grower or an experienced grower who wants healthier plants, conductivity is a critical measurement that you need to keep track of. Our handheld conductivity pens are portable and hardy, helping you take quick and accurate conductivity and temperature measurements on the go. 

In fact, our long-lasting and robust Bluelab Truncheon Nutrient Meter is renowned as the best EC meter for hydroponics, allowing you to take conductivity measurements simply and quickly.  

By using a digital conductivity meter to regularly check whether your nutrient strength is within the correct range, you’ll be giving your plants the chance to truly thrive. 

Conductivity calibration

How to maintain your conductivity meter 

All our EC products are factory calibrated so you don’t need to worry about calibrating your meters. This is just another way that Bluelab helps to make your life easier. Instead of calibrating, we recommend that you clean your conductivity meter electrodes on a regular basis to ensure their ongoing accuracy.  

To clean your EC meter, use our conductivity care kits, which contain everything you need for cleaning your conductivity electrodes. With regular cleaning and ongoing maintenance, you’ll be maximising your conductivity meter’s longevity and accuracy.  

Automating EC

Save time with nutrient automation

Although most EC meters require you to manually test your nutrient strength and adjust these levels yourself, our automation tools will do this on your behalf. Our nutrient controllers and dosers will monitor your nutrient reservoir and adjust levels when readings fall outside of your preferred range.  

Simply set your target EC or PPM and let our products do the rest. Keep in mind that conductivity only indicates the total amount of nutrients in your reservoir, not the composition of nutrients. That’s why we’d recommend monitoring your plants for signs of nutrient toxicity or deficiency and adjust the reservoir accordingly.  

Wall-mounted nutrient monitors 

24-hour EC monitoring

For crops that need 24/7 monitoring, our wall-mounted monitors and controllers will measure your key parameters, including conductivity, and alert you when measurements move out of the target range.   

Bluelab’s hardworking multi-parameter monitors offer sophisticated and user-friendly features, allowing you to have complete peace of mind about your plants. In addition, our Connect range of monitors will allow you to view your nutrient data remotely and adjust settings via a computer.  

Always on, always monitoring, always available.  

Conductivity care and accessories

A one-stop shop for EC care products 

Whether you’re looking for conductivity replacement probes, EC probe care kits or other accessories, we have the EC product that you’re looking for. In addition, all our care products include clear and step-by-step instructions, so you can take care of conductivity meter maintenance with ease.    

To improve the ongoing accuracy of your EC meter, we’d recommend that you clean your conductivity electrodes on a regular basis. You can expand your toolkit with our conductivity care kits as well as 2.77 EC solution to check the accuracy of your probe after cleaning.

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