Replacement Parts

Looking for a replacement part for your Bluelab product? From replacement probes to spare power supplies and tubing, you’ll find everything you need in our online store. 

Replacement parts for your Bluelab products

Get your replacement probes

Looking for a replacement probe or spare part for your Bluelab device? We provide a variety of replacement parts, from pH probes for your Bluelab monitors and controllers to spare power supplies and dosing tubing.   

You can also get replacement pump cassettes for your Bluelab PeriPods and Bluelab pH Controller, ensuring that your dosing system is always working optimally.   

Probes become less accurate over time with continuous use; however, you can find all the replacement probes you’ll need in our online store. Get your replacement Bluelab Leap pH Probe for super-fast pH measurements direct from the root zone or a Bluelab Temperature Probe for your controller.  

Replacement parts for long-lasting efficiency

Reduce landfill waste

When you need to replace something for your Bluelab product, first check to see whether you can get a spare part instead of ordering a completely new device. By opting to purchase replacement probes and parts, you'll help to reduce overall landfill waste.

What's more, getting replacement parts and spare probes will ensure that your Bluelab controller or monitor continues to work with maximum efficiency and accuracy, delivering optimal results so that your plants can thrive every single time.

Reduce waste and boost the longevity of your Bluelab meters, monitors and controllers by getting any replacement parts you need through our online store today.

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