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Measure and monitor the vital signs of your nutrient blend to maximise your crop yield and keep costs to a minimum. 

Dialing in the right pH ensures your crop can absorb macro and micronutrients. 

Keeping Conductivity / EC under control lets you know that you're not wasting money by over-feeding, or holding your crop back by under-feeding.

Statement Summary
Bluelab pH and Conductivity Starter Pack Bluelab Guardian Monitor Wi-Fi
Spot Check pH, Conductivity & Temperature
Live Monitoring
Edenic Mobile App Integration
Perfect for: Recreational growers & Commercial growers looking to spot-check Serious recreational growers & Commercial growers building back-up checks into their system

Why measure pH?

All plants need a balanced diet of nutrients (food) so that they can reach their full potential.

The pH (potential Hydrogen) of your nutrient solution plays a pivotal role in making these elements available to your plants. That’s why you need to regularly measure pH; if your medium is too alkaline or too acidic, your plant won’t be able to access all the nutrients they need.

Why measure conductivity (EC) ? 

All plants need the right amount of food (nutrients) in order to grow. If you over- or under-feed your plants, this can result in the waste of expensive nutrient resources and crop health issues.  

Conductivity / EC is an essential measurement that indicates the total amount of nutrients available to your plants. It refers to ionic content (dissolved salts), which creates a potential for electricity to move through a solution.  

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