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May, 2023 

Agri-tech company Bluelab today announced the latest upgrade to the Bluelab Guardian product line, the Bluelab Guardian Monitor Wi-Fi (BGUSTD02) and Bluelab Guardian Monitor Wi-Fi Inline (BGUNLN02). The monitors are the first in the Bluelab product portfolio to support the optional connection to Edenic software via your Wi-Fi network.

Building on the success of the original Bluelab Guardian Connect, the new monitors still offer the accuracy and reliability that growers know and trust from the Bluelab brand.

Product image of the Bluelab Monitor Wi-FiProduct image of the Bluelab Monitor Wi-Fi

Bluelab knows that peace of mind is incredibly important to growers when it comes to making sure key growing parameters pH, conductivity and temperature remain within range. In a scientific study conducted by the Center for Applied Horticulture, petunias had a 50% growth increase at pH 4.5 than when they were grown at any other pH value. When parameters go outside of their recommended pH ranges, plants suffer from poor nutrient uptake resulting in poor yields and crop loss. The Guardian Monitor is one way that growers can mitigate that risk.

Petunias had a 50% growth increase at pH 4.5 than when they were grown at any other pH value.  

-— Center for Applied Horticulture, 2016 

Head of Product, Byron Arnold, said that: “The Bluelab Guardian Wi-Fi and Bluelab Guardian Wi-Fi Inline present an exciting opportunity for growers at any scale. Our focus was to keep all the key features that growers know and love – like simple calibration and plants safe-LEDs. We now give growers access to nutrient pH and conductivity data wherever they are via an easy-to-use mobile app. With the Bluelab Guardian Monitor paired with Edenic, growers rest easy knowing their reservoir is as it should be.”

Edenic app showing the Summary screen next to NFT lettuceEdenic app showing the Summary screen next to NFT lettuce

Now with Access to Edenic

Connecting to Edenic means that growers can check their parameters any time, from anywhere, with the Edenic app. Edenic is easy to set up, meaning that there is very little friction to get connected.

Bobby Barnes, Head of Software, said, "We have focused on delivering a world-class user experience for our customers with simplicity and ease of use top of mind. Real time monitoring, instant alarms, remote control and history reporting enable growers to be closer to their plants 24/7. Customer feedback on Edenic has been very positive and we strive to continue bringing new features and capabilities to our customers".

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For more information on the Bluelab Guardian, visit Growers with a Guardian can connect their device at

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Bluelab is an award-winning Agri-tech business. The company produces state-of-the-art monitoring, control and automation equipment and software for plant growers worldwide. Founded in 2000, Bluelab is headquartered in Tauranga, New Zealand.