Bluelab Peristaltic Pump 450ml for IntelliDose

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The Bluelab Peristaltic Pump 450ml was designed with improved pump performance and ease of maintenance in mind

  • Peristaltic Pump for Bluelab IntelliDose Controllers that doses up to 450ml per minute
  • Requires no tools to replace the squeeze tube
  • The spring-loaded roller block design enhances both performance and squeeze tube life

Why Peristaltic Pumps?

  • Affordable commercial dosing volume
  • Two dose rates (sizes) available - 450ml and 1400ml
  • Designed to maximize squeeze tube life
  • Provides constant adjustment while the inside of the tube wears
  • Adjusting to tolerances and any other deviations that may exist in the tubing
  • Integrated brackets keep hoses tidy