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January, 2024

We are announcing an important development regarding the ownership of certain products associated with the Autogrow brand.

Bluelab, the company behind the Autogrow brand, has recently agreed to sell the assets associated with the Autogrow brand, including the Intellectual Property (IP) for the Autogrow MultiGrow and Autogrow pH and EC Mini products. We are pleased to announce that the new owner of these products is Excel Seeds Trading Sdn Bhd, a leading greenhouse solutions company based in Malaysia. The new entity will trade as Autogrow (HQ) Sdn Bhd.

Excel Seeds has a strong commitment to innovation and product excellence, making them an ideal successor to continue providing support for the active Autogrow MultiGrow customer base. They are dedicated to upholding the high standards and quality that MultiGrow customers have come to expect, having been an Autogrow reseller since 2018. 

The Intelli range of products (IntelliDose, IntelliClimate, and IntelliGrow software) remain within the Bluelab portfolio as they become branded Bluelab solutions.

Here's what customers can expect from this transition:

Product continuity: Excel Seeds will take over, manufacture, and supply the Autogrow MultiGrow and pH and EC Mini products. There will be no interruption in the availability of these essential solutions for your horticultural needs.

Technical support: Excel Seeds is committed to providing excellent customer support to address any questions, issues, or inquiries you may have about your Autogrow MultiGrow and Mini products.

Warranty and service: Existing warranties and service agreements for Autogrow MultiGrow and Mini products will remain valid and will be honored by Excel Seeds. They will ensure that you receive the support and service you need.

Product development: Excel Seeds plans to invest in product development to further enhance the performance and features of the Autogrow MultiGrow system, ensuring it remains an advanced solution for your needs. The engineering team who have developed the Autogrow MultiGrow will become Excel Seeds team members, providing a familiar contact.


For technical support, please contact Lee Dunn at lee.dunn@autogrow.com or Robert McLeod at robert.mcleod@autogrow.com

For sales inquiries, please also contact Lee Dunn at lee.dunn@autogrow.com


If you have any immediate questions or require assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to Excel Seeds on the contact emails above or our customer support team, and they will be happy to assist you during this transition period.

We look forward to seeing Excel Seeds take the Autogrow MultiGrow and Autogrow Mini Range forward.

Product image of the Bluelab Monitor Wi-FiProduct image of the Bluelab Monitor Wi-Fi

— Bluelab CEO, Jono Jones

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