Bluelab Announces Commercial Partnership with Micro Grow at Cultivate 2023

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July, 2023 

Following the joint announcement made in June, Bluelab announced the commercial partnership with Micro Grow Control Systems at Cultivate 2023. The partnership enables both companies to help more growers with customizable commercial growing solutions.

Based in Temecula, California, Micro Grow is a leader in the development and sales of watering systems, propagation, misting and fogging, sensors, and custom-built contractor cabinets. Used at Fortune 500 companies, universities, and prominent research institutions, Micro Grow offers cost-effective and efficient control solutions.

Headquartered in New Zealand, with global offices, Bluelab provides growers with technology from handheld monitors and controllers to commercial automation for irrigation, fertigation, and climate control.

The partnership will enable Micro Grow to expand their interphase cabinets and motor controls with the Autogrow product line's extensive nutrient management abilities and more. 

With the Autogrow by Bluelab product line, growers can grow the way they want to grow, with fully customizable features able to be configured during installation and modified whenever needed. Whether you change what you grow, or how you grow, you can grow your own way.

In addition, with the announcement of the partnership, the prior Autogrow Sales Director Kelley Nicholson recently joined the Micro Grow team as Sales Engineer. The addition of Nicholson to the Micro Grow team further enhances the partnership with her extensive technical knowledge of Autogrow products.

At Cultivate 2023, Bluelab National Sales Director of the Americas, Peter Maher, quoted, “We are pleased with this partnership so far and it feels great to have Kelley back in fold to help support existing and new commercial customers. Kelley will continue to focus on driving sales and success of the Autogrow by Bluelab product line in the agricultural market, leveraging the strong relationships that the Micro Grow team has fostered in the greenhouse space.”

Peter Maher, National Sales Director - USA, Bluelab, and Kelley Nicholson, Sales Engineer, Micro Grow

The Bluelab team is proud to partner with Micro Grow and looks forward to meeting more greenhouse growers' needs.

Jono Jones, CEO of Bluelab, said of the partnership: "Partnering with Micro Grow will enable us to drive more business impact for our growers. Together, we can unlock more potential and help more growers with customizable solutions in their greenhouse environment. We're looking forward to working with Kelley and the Micro Grow team as valued commercial partners."

Product image of the Bluelab Monitor Wi-FiProduct image of the Bluelab Monitor Wi-Fi

"Partnering with Micro Grow will enable us to drive more business impact for our growers."  

— Bluelab CEO, Jono Jones

About Bluelab

Bluelab is an award-winning Agri-tech business. The company produces state-of-the-art monitoring, control and automation equipment and software for plant growers worldwide. Founded in 2000, Bluelab is headquartered in Tauranga, New Zealand.

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