Bluelab pH Controller Wi-Fi

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24/7 control of your reservoir pH anywhere, anytime from your phone

  • Built-in Wi-Fi (with option to disable)
  • View and control on your mobile phone, visit for more information
  • Safety lockouts prevent excessive dosing
  • Auto-resume dosing after power loss
  • Precision dosing of pH adjuster with the built-in Bluelab peristaltic pump
  • Controls pH in the up (alkali) or down (acid) direction
  • High/low alarms to alert you when parameters are out of range
  • Dosing routine allows for effective mixing before next dose
  • 2-m/6-ft cable lengths for best positioning and viewing
  • Variable speed pump built in. Maximum 120 ml/min (4.06 fl oz)

Simplified pH precision

Fine-tune your reservoir pH

The Bluelab pH Controller Wi-Fi takes the complexity out of pH management, making precision easier than ever before. That’s because the built-in peristaltic pump provides precise control, delivering doses within a 0.1 pH tolerance. The pump also allows for variable speed for optimal flexibility to deliver the correct amount of solution, no matter your setup. 

The Bluelab pH Controller Wi-Fi is also easy to use and program; simply choose the pH control direction that’s best for your growing setup in the settings. You can either adjust for the pH-up (alkali) or pH-down (acid) direction.

Create the optimal pH environment

Stabilise your pH conditions

In recirculating and recycled reservoirs, your pH is constantly changing. That’s because the nutrient composition will change according to the plants' needs.

And that’s where the Bluelab pH Controller Wi-Fi can help – it will automatically track and adjust the pH levels in your reservoir, allowing you to walk away with complete peace of mind, knowing that your crops are in safe hands. After all, when you keep pH and temperature steady, you’ll grow healthier plants, improving yield and quality.

Forget spot checks and manual adjustments – you can effortlessly enjoy thriving plant health and save thousands of hours without compromising quality. 

In addition, this controller comes with a temperature probe, ensuring that all your pH measurements and doses will be automatically compensated for temperature. Simply set your pH target and let the Bluelab pH Controller Wi-Fi do the rest.

Stay connected to your plants 

Monitoring and control from your phone

With built-in Wi-Fi capability, if enabled the Bluelab pH Controller Wi-Fi can display data in Edenic (an online software platform, visit for more information). Allowing growers to control pH levels from anywhere, any time.

Grow your best crops every time with Edenic and the power of Bluelab pH Controller Wi-Fi. Realtime monitoring, control, alerts, and insights right on your phone allow you to truly manage your growing environment from where you like when you like.

Download the Edenic software app from your app store. Visit for more information.

Built-in safety features

Plant-safe pH management

The versatile and hard-working Bluelab pH Controller Wi-Fi has a number of features that have been designed to put the safety of your plants first.

You can set discreet visual high and low alarms for your preferred pH targets; these alarms will let you know whenever your pH is out of range. To help keep your plants safe from excessive doses, dosing will not occur whenever your controller is in alarm mode.

What’s more, you can set and customize dosing on- and off-times in the settings, which allows for effective mixing before the next dose, ensuring that you never overshoot your pH adjustments.

Bluelab pH Controller Wi-Fi maintenance

Clean, calibrate and hydrate

Stock up on everything you need to clean, maintain and calibrate your probes by purchasing a Bluelab Probe Care Kit and Bluelab calibration solutions.

Made in New Zealand with growers in mind

All our products are built in New Zealand with growers, for growers – this means you can be confident that your water-resistant Bluelab pH Controller Wi-Fi can withstand the splashes that come with everyday growing.

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More Information
Product Tagline Set and automatically maintain pH levels in reservoirs. Auto-dose pH up or down.
Technical Specification

Automatic Temperature Compensation: Yes, if temperature probe is in same solution as pH probe
Operating Environment: 0 – 50 ̊C  /  32 – 122 ̊F
Measurement Resolution: 0.1 pH
Measurement Range: Control: 0.1 – 13.9 pH. single direction (up or down). Measure: 0 - 50 °C / 32 - 122 °F
Measurement Accuracy: ± 0.1 pH
Calibration: Two or three point, pH 7.0 & pH 4.0 and/or pH 10.0 calibration
Power: International power supply. Replacement Power Supply can be purchased separately.
CE Compliance: Yes
FCC Compliance: Yes
RoHS Compliance: Yes 
Warranty: 2-YEARS
Country of Origin: New Zealand

Dose Rate: Up to 120 ml per minute (Adjustable).
Screen Display Languages: English; Deutsch; Espan҃ol; Français; Nederlands

Other specifications: As a guide, Bluelab recommends the following maximum concentration for commonly used acids and alkalines;
Peristaltic Pump tubing (PharMed BPT)
Nitric Acid <35%, Phosphoric Acid <85%, Sulfuric Acid <30%, Citric Acid <60%, Potassium Hydroxide <60%, Potassium Carbonate Concentrated, Potassium Silicate <60%.

The chemical concentrations stated above are a guide. Variations in temperature, pressure, or UV exposure may cause tubing failure which could lead to serious injury if proper safety precautions are not followed. For this reason, it is recommended that the tubing be tested with the desired chemical in the specific application to determine suitability. No warranty (neither express or implied) is given that the information in these tables is accurate or complete or that any material is suitable for any purpose.

More Product Information

BCTPHC02 User Manual - English

Product Features / Benefits

Compatible with Edenic by Bluelab software
Remote monitoring and control, history reporting and instant alarm notifications in one easy-to-use app. Manage your growing environment from where you'd like, when you like.

Control and measure pH and temperature
Precision dosing of pH adjuster with the in-built peristaltic pump.
Adjustable alarms and dosing lockouts to prevent overdosing or running dry.

Automate pH dosing
Set and maintain a consistent pH level in a reservoir.
Easy to programme - set your pH target and let the Bluelab pH Controller do the rest.