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Labor costs are increasing, and Casey spent a lot of time manually measuring pH and conductivity (EC).


Automation enabled Casey to direct her labor resources to high-value tasks.


GardeniX customers have an affordable investment with low operational costs.

Precise nutrient delivery ensures a thriving and healthy crop from day one.  

A client saved 75% of wastewater in drought.

Tackling Labor Challenges In Malaysia With Automation

Nouvoland is a large grower of multiple crop types located in the Cameron Highlands of Malaysia who took the decision to automate a significant part of their operation using the Autogrow MultiGrow Controller.

Of 336 CEA growers, 41% had no experience in agriculture before starting their CEA company

2021 Global CEA Census 


In operation since: 1960

Location: Kuala Terla, Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

Production size: 50 acres

Customer base: Export to traders in Singapore, and Malaysia-based hypermarkets, chain stores and independent grocers.

Automation: Autogrow MultiGrow Controller

Crops: Tomato, cucumber, sweet peppers, hot chilli, lettuces.

Nuovoland Farms produce exceptional cherry tomatoes, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers and capsicums using automation systems provided by Autogrow. 

Previously, Nuovoland were manually testing EC and pH levels. By moving to automation, Nuovoland improved their efficiency and accuracy, remotely checking the EC and pH levels using Autogrow sensors. This helped to ease the pressure of labor shortages, and allows Nuovoland to use their labor resource in more important areas.

In our latest YouTube video, Cassey Chung from Nuovoland explains how they saved thousands of hours every year with automation.

One Year Later — Nuovoland Follow Up