Vertical Farming

Unlike other growing designs, vertical farming really requires automation to ensure all crops are getting enough care and attention. Some vertical farms go up to 30 feet high so automating the lighting, fertigation and irrigation is the only sensible solution.

Self management

The key to vertical farm automation is being able to rely on the technology to do the work for you. Once you set the parameters, you can forget about it and focus on other important tasks.

If a problem comes up, the system will then alert you and you can log in to check the data.

Water right every time

If you are manually watering it can be easy to overwater or underwater your plants. To be accurate you would need to stick to a good schedule to make sure there were no inconsistencies.

Registering your run-off

An automated control system can monitor and measure your vertical growing run-off for you. The data gathered can then be used to ensure compliance with local legislation if required and give you an accurate measurement of expenditure.

Vertical farming environments are cropping up everywhere

The different types of indoor growing situations can include:

  • Shipping containers
  • Warehouses
  • Factories
  • Underground rooms
  • Growth chambers
  • Other indoor converted spaces

These are great for crops like medicinal cannabis, leafy greens or microgreens - which may be economically suited for high density cultivation.

What are the overall benefits of an automated greenhouse?

The overall benefits of automating your grow operation are vast and plentiful. Regardless of how you’re looking to develop your growing enterprise, automation offers universal benefits that allow you to achieve your goals - and then some.

  • Decrease your labor costs - By reducing the amount of manual work, you decrease labor costs and free up workers to focus on other areas of importance. Perfect if you are looking to expand your business or introduce new skills to your workers.
  • Be accurate - Know exactly what’s happening in your greenhouse and make data driven decisions based on facts and not assumptions. The technology and equipment exist to benefit you as the grower!
  • Increase quality and yield - If you don’t measure you can’t improve. Automation will give you the knowledge to increase quality and yield, learn from previous crop cycles, and give you better return on investment (ROI).

What should you automate in your vertical farm?

Plants require certain conditions to grow with the best quality, and to do that, you have to understand exactly what is happening not only with the plants but also the environment. Automation gives you the opportunity to be precise and accurate.