Autogrow EC Mini Controller Kit

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Autogrow EC Mini Controller Kit
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The Autogrow EC Mini Kit is the latest EC controller in a family of monitors and dosers that have been proven over many years for quality dose control

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Technical Specification
  • Reading can be changed to EC or CF 

  • Timed dosing for easy set-up 

  • Range from 0 to 9.9mS (0 to 99CF) 

  • Resolution 0.01mS/cm (0.1CF) 

  • Two year warranty

  • Graphite electrodes for minimal contamination 

  • Easy to recalibrate by using 27.64CF standard solution 

  • Displays dose count 

  • If dose count per hour exceeds user limit, alarm sounds and dosing stop 

  • Built-in alarm (can be turned off)

More Product Information

The EC Mini is a mains powered monitor with two peristaltic pumps. It is a fully functional dosing system, managing fluctuations in your EC.

This simple EC Mini will monitor and adjust your EC levels to maintain your desired set points. By adding two pumps, it becomes a fully functional dosing system, managing fluctuations in your EC. Adding peristaltic pumps will allow you to keep your EC adjuster in larger containers on the floor, avoiding issues associated with gravity-fed valves.

Product Features / Benefits
  • Leak Alarms - Checking dose count is useful if a leak should develop or the pump fails and should prevent continuous dosing alarms. The alarms can be enabled to operate on the controller when the EC or DC/h deviates outside the user set-point.
  • Affordability - The EC Mini is affordable enough to be used as a mains-powered monitor, continuously displaying the measured electrical conductivity. By adding solenoid valves or dosing pumps it becomes a low-cost dosing system.